We, at St Ann's College encourage the students to participate in debate, elocution, presentation, jam sessions, business quiz, drawing up business plan etc,. These intense subject oriented activities enable them to bring out their hidden talents and creative abilities, boosts their self-confidence and develop their personalities.

Orientation Programme :- An Orientation Programme conducted at the beginning of the Academic year, welcomes the Freshers. Students are taken around the campus to make them familiar with the ambience of the college. Later, a Power Point Presentation acquaints them with the infrastructure, Faculty members, activities and achievements of the institution. An ice-breaking session conducted by the Seniors puts them at ease.

Freshers Day :- As the new Academic session starts in college, students are excited about life on campus and Freshers’ party ahead. Freshers’ Day in our college is an event which every student eagerly awaits. On this day Senior students express their hearty welcome to the Freshers’ by hosting a grand party.

Ad-Mag :-
In the world where the customer is king, advertising plays a major role in attracting and retaining customers. Ad-Mag is an activity which provides a platform to students to exhibit their creativity and promotional skills. The team which presents the most innovative and alluring advertisement is adjudged the best.

Dumb-charades :-
St.Ann's Dumb-charades competition is unique as it keeps students updated on not just movies but also famous business personalities, management concepts, authors, journals and magazines.

Business Quiz :-
It is inevitable for management students to have adequate knowledge about politics, business, technology, sports and culture. The yearly quiz competition ensures that they are in pace with changing times.

Debate :- Debate is an activity that brings out clarity of thought, conviction and student’s ability to convince. The process of debate allows participants to analyze the similarities and differences between differing viewpoints. It is an excellent way to model the analytical and communicative processes of students. It challenges students to think critically about current issues by providing a forum for them to develop the art of expression and ability to communicate their ideas.

Business Plan Presentation :-
Business plan competition is conducted every year, where in, the students are given an opportunity to showcase their entrepreneurial capabilities in starting their own enterprises. Presenting such plans enables the students to harness their innovative spirit and creativeness. It takes them through the various stages of business planning and strategy making.

Cultural activity :-
Apart from co-curricular activities cultural activities too are conducted to ensure all round development of the students. The students look forward to this day enthusiastically as they can have a lot of fun and frolic. They get a chance to exhibit their talents and skills in competitions like dance, singing, skits, rangoli, collage, fancy dress, mehendi, hair styling etc., .

Farewell :- Unlike all the other events, this is the only one that Seniors do not look forward to. Two years have transformed them into more enlightened, knowledgeable and enriched individuals who are confident to step into a competitive world and realise their dreams. They wish they could continue, but their Juniors convert their tear filled day into a joyous one with their entertaining dances, humorous skits and fun-filled games, showing them that "for every beginning there is a beautiful end and for every end there is an unusual beginning".