UG Activities

A building alone does not make a college, a lot happens inside our St. Ann's campus. Various activities are conducted to bring out the best from our students. At St. Ann's students are given lot of opportunities not only to exhibit their talents but also to enhance them. These programs ensure the all-round development of all our students.

Orientation programme :- Going to college is a big transition and the orientation program at St.Ann's is designed to make that transition easier. Orientation day is organised at the beginning of the academic year to orient and welcome new students. Every year the Seniors put forth a program meant to showcase the excellence and achievements of the Institution.

Fresher’s Party :-
A day filled with excitement, joy, music, enthusiasm and happiness. The super-cool Seniors put up various dance performances and games to entertain their Juniors. Ramp walk is conducted for the “new bees” to showcase their talent and with their uniqueness to grab the crown of “Miss St.Ann”.

Painting and Mehendi :-
“A thing of Beauty is a Joy forever”. Painting and Mehendi competition is conducted every year where the students exhibit their talent that showcases their innovative ideas relating to a particular theme.

Group Dance : -
Dance is an art form that enables one to feel Life is beautiful and need to enjoy it. Dance competition is conducted every year based on a particular theme. Every year this competition is held on the Feast of St.Ann.

Group Singing :-
Music has a language of its own and singing is the one talent almost everybody possesses. This competition paves the way for the students to develop their strengths in the field of singing. Every year this competition is held on Independence Day; where the students come up with their ebullient spirits of Patriotism.

Essay writing :-
Writing essays involves critical thinking -- a purposeful and reflective analysis used to reach conclusions. An essay is a piece of writing that allows one to develop ideas and arguments using a logical sequence of interrelated paragraphs. This competition is held every year in three different languages Hindi, Telugu and English.

Elocution :-
In today’s world where communication skills are gaining the lime light, Elocution competition paves the way for the students to come out with their speaking skills and overcome their on-stage fears, which in turn help them to perform their best in the competitive world.

Picnic :-
A day for the students to have great fun and cheer, Picnic brings in excitement, exhilaration and breaks down the monotony of attending lectures. Every year students are accompanied by the faculty, to visit places of natural beauty like theme parks, resorts etc.

Rangoli and Wealth out of Waste :-
In order to enhance creativity and unleash the hidden potentialities in the students, the college creates a platform for the students to showcase their talent by organising Rangoli and Wealth out of Waste Competitions.

Farewell :-
Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending. College farewell parties are always exciting which brings alive a lot of happy memories. As the Seniors move into a new venture, the Faculty and the Juniors wish them good luck and success.

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